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About Us

Meet Mrs. Elizabeth J. White

Owner and proprietor of Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Cafe.

Elizabeth White, the proud owner of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe, was honored with a commendation from Governor Hobbs on Tuesday, February 21, in celebration of her remarkable 100th birthday. In her letter, the Governor acknowledged Elizabeth J. White for her outstanding contributions to the State of Arizona and the entire United States of America. “We are truly fortunate to have such an esteemed resident within our great state." 


In 1964, Elizabeth J White, 1 of 12 children, a courageous single mother of four, relocated from Texas to Phoenix and established her iconic restaurant. Despite facing segregation in certain parts of the city during that period, Mrs. White fearlessly served up some of the finest fried chicken in America at her renowned establishment. Although people's skin color dictated whom they could interact with in terms of business, she remained true to her guiding principle, famously known as the 'golden rule': 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. 

Our Story

Elizabeth White, a single mother of Five, moved from Texas to Phoenix and opened her legendary restaurant in 1964. Her brother originally owned “The Church Cafe” until she took over the cafe and renamed it “Mrs. Whites” nothing stopped her from serving up some of the best fried chicken in America. The nostalgic ambiance of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe takes you back in time, as the traditional dishes prepared with love and dedication remind you of your grandmother's kitchen. 


Mrs. White’s Golden rule Cafe is a Phoenix jewel and attracts people of all walks of life. The cafe’s famous clientele including Devin Booker, Jesse Jackson, James Brown, and Senator John McCain, who was a regular. Their delicious food and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe is not only a main attraction in the area, but it has also gained recognition on various popular networks such as the Food Network, Travel Network, Phoenix New Times, and more. 

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